A Night of Seduction

You know what I love most about our nights together, it’s the way you plan out everything. So tonight, I did the planning. Picking the colors and themes you enjoy. I sent a text asking you to hurry home due to an emergency when you asked what it was, I told you, you would have to come home and find out.

You walk into the apartment, dressed in a suit from work, you have a half-smile of amazement and relief on your face as you stare at what I have done to the living room. Flower petals coated the tiled floors with a row of candles lit to lead you to my chosen destination. You pause, kicking off your shoes, and loosening your tie, you know it will be an exciting night.

You walk on the path and find yourself on the veranda, staring at me in my lace bodysuit lingerie, I bought it just for tonight. It covers my nipples but its sheer material leaves little to the imagination. You smile, as I walk up to you, ribbon perfectly tied above my head, “I’m your gift for the night.” I whisper hoarsely into your ears, you let your hands roam over the curve of my body, taking in my shapely figure.

Dipping your fingers below you find your target, I moan into your ears, “yes.” You smile, hands soaked from my anticipation. I take your hand in mine and lead you to the table I have prepared. On it are two filled glasses of champagne and nothing else, I hand you a glass and take a sip, you gulp yours down and smile, I can see from your eyes and the strain on your trousers that you’re ready, “what’s for dinner?” you ask in a husky tone, I smile, licking the red-tinted lips you love to suck, “I am.”

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