Art of not sounding like an idiot.

Ever seen someone so attractive your brain went into hyper idiot mode and didn’t reset until they were gone? Or maybe it skipped over the idiot mode and went into straight shut down? Either of these outcomes is not as unusual or uncommon as people around us will have us believe with their jokes. Actually, most of us are not Don Juan’s with the sexual prowess of prince and the seductive gaze of Marilyn Monroe.

That is perfectly fine because we are all unique and sometimes the thing that makes us special is how quickly our idiot switch is flicked. Here are a few tips to making it through a conversation with someone you find uber attractive.

Don’t think too much. Yup, I know. The point is to not be an idiot, right? Truth is, in moments like that we are saying a lot or nothing at all because our brains are going into hyperdrive. Think about it this way, and test this at your peril, focus on a single trait of theirs, it doesn’t make you calm does it? just makes you silently obsess over it for the few seconds to minutes that you are in their presence. Try not to think too much and start with light easy conversation.

Ask them about their day or feeling. This takes the burden of speech out of your end and unto theirs, now all you have to do is listen and build on their answer. A lot easier than trailing off from how nice the weather is to your pet that died huh?

Wear some sexy lingerie. It doesn’t matter if its bodysuit lingerie or matching bra and panties, Lingerie is a great confidence booster and while I can’t guarantee you’ll meet them on that day. Having it on can give a bonus level of confidence you didn’t even know you needed.

Maybe buying and wearing erotic lingerie in Canada isn’t your cup of tea. Try wearing colors that make you more comfortable. Most times this is due to the fact that we associate these colors with happy and warm memories, regardless of the reason, wearing a color that makes you comfortable is a great trick to keeping your cool in their presence.

Remember they are just as human as you. Regardless of how you choose to implement this tips; rushing to the nearest store to buy lingerie in Canada or buy lingerie online in Canada the odds are this person has someone else that flicks on their idiot switch. We are all human and bound to fumble on occasion. Enjoy the conversation!

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