How to Cope with Dating Anxiety

We all can feel anxiety about certain things, but dating is something that can bring anxiety to a whole other level. We wonder what we should talk about, what we should wear, whether the other person will like us, what etiquette to follow….and the list goes on.

While dating anxiety is common, here are a few things to keep in mind which may help keep your nervousness at bay.

Don’t Overthink It: Thinking about anything too much will increase anxiety. This is especially true with dating. Rather than think too much about what you will do or what you will say, just let things play out naturally. After all, if there really is a connection, there’s not much that will change that.

Be Yourself: This is common advice for dating and for many, it may be easier said than done. However, trying to be someone you are not will not only add to the anxiety, it will make it more difficult to be yourself as you move on in the relationship. Just act in a way that is natural and let the date play out as it will.

Be Prepared: Even though a date can be no more than a friendly way of getting to know someone, there is always the chance you will end up in the bedroom. Rather than try to deny that this could happen, do your best to be prepared.

Prepare your body as you would if you knew you were having sex later that day. Be sure to shave or trim areas accordingly. Wear kinky lingerie that will look attractive if you should get to a point where you will be undressing.

Of course, it’s a bit presumptuous to overdo it by wearing babydoll lingerie, but an attractive matching bra and panty set can be just the thing. Think of panties, or even a thong, that will get his heart racing. Then add a terrific push up bra in a matching color.

A sexy teddie or bodysuit can also work well under clothes and make you feel look elegant without seeming like you were totally expecting to be undressing.

Sexy lingerie and the right body care will also make you feel more confident and sexier overall.

Follow Rules of Etiquette: Of course, if you want your date to like you, there are some basic rules of etiquette you will want to keep in mind. Don’t do all the talking, turn off your phone, share the bill, oh, and leave the ‘ex’ out of the conversation!

Doing all these things should help relieve some of your stress so you can enjoy your date and really tell if he (or she) is a keeper!

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