How to Master the Art of Seduction

Okay, let’s start at the beginning… seduction is unique to every person and there is no one size fits all answer on ‘how to seduce’ or ‘how to be a great seductress’. It all starts with getting to know your partner and what turns them on. However, being experimental can be a turn on in and of itself. With that in mind, here are some things you can try in the bedroom which may just drive him, or her, wild.

Bondage: Bondage can be fun for a lot of people. Though some people associate bondage with pain, you can be as soft and playful as you’d like using tools to spank each other or tie each other up. Try to add touches of bondage in the bedroom to see how it spices up your romantic life.

Lingerie: Lingerie is a great way to make the bedroom even sexier. If you choose to go the bondage route, there are options in fetish lingerie, BDSM lingerie and bondage lingerie you can choose from. You can also use lingerie to bring themes into the bedroom like naughty school girl, doctor and nurse or more.

Kinky Lingerie is a great way to mark a special romantic occasion so be sure to get your thongs, bras, teddies, and baby dolls ready for a night that will make your dreams come true.

Talk Dirty: The sexual experience is heavily tied to the senses. The sense of touch, sight and sound can all make intercourse that much more arousing. Play into this by talking dirty when you are in bed with your partner. This can be awkward at first so do your best to figure out what works for you and then see how it drives your significant other crazy.

Play Up to It: If you are planning a romantic night with your partner that is likely to end up in the bedroom, foreplay will factor heavily into making your experience rewarding. Foreplay can start well before the first kiss. Playing footsy, giving seductive looks and making sexy conversation will set the stage so that your partner will hardly be able to wait until he gets you in the bedroom and strips you out of your bra and panties.

Toys: There are plenty of sex toys that can make your time in the bedroom even more fun. To add to the sexual experience, go shopping for toys together or buy them on your own and then show them to your partner at some point during the day. This will help build anticipation for the night ahead.

Sexy time can be a lot of fun for both partners. Taking the time to seduce him or her in advance will make your experience even more arousing. Figure out what turns your partner on and then use it in the bedroom to take your love life to new levels and make your relationship that much stronger.

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