How to Seduce in Conversation

When we think about seduction, we tend to think in terms of how we dress and how we touch another person. But actually, the art of seduction can start a lot earlier than that and it takes place on a mental level way before things get physical. If you are looking to seduce your favorite guy or girl, here are some ways you can start.

Find an Opener

Opening lines can be tough but if you get the right one, you are on the road to seduction success. Try using a line that will be funny and spark the other person’s interest. Tell them something about yourself or an observation you’ve made about them to begin to draw them in.

Continue on the Same Path

Once you have sparked interest, follow it up by carrying on a humorous conversation. Try to be funny without being too cocky so you don’t end up sounding like a jerk. Women and men will both appreciate partners that can make them laugh.

Ask Them Questions About Themselves

Now that you have gotten to know each other, take it to the next level by asking them questions about themselves. This will get them to open up and it will also let them know that you are not self centered and that you care.

Incorporate Sexual Innuendos

You’ve gotten the other person to like you, but you need to make it clear that you want to be more than just friends. Of course, you need to be careful so that you don’t come off as creepy. Making the right kind of jokes about the two of you being together sexually or talking about sex in general can be the perfect way to turn things up a notch.

Of course, once you finally get the person you want to seduce into the bedroom, you want to act in a way that does not disappoint. If you are a man, the way you act and touch a woman will further seduce her to keep her wanting you.

A woman can also use touch and actions in the bedroom, but sexy lingerie will play a key role in seduction. For a casual encounter, dressing in a full body suit or teddy may seem like a bit much, but a sexy bra and panty set might be just the thing your partner needs to make them want you even more.

Once a relationship becomes a little more established, you can start to bring in pieces like baby doll lingerie, corsets and even bondage lingerie to keep things interesting.

Seducing someone is an art and it starts when you first make contact with someone you’re attracted to. Do your best to make engaging conversation while letting the person you are talking to know your intentions. Then take it the next level by giving your partner a night they will never forget.

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