Slave and Master Role Play

If you are looking for role play ideas to take your bedroom adventures to the next level, slave and master role play can be ideal. This is great for those who are looking to incorporate BDSM into their sex life, or it can just be a nice way to change things up in the bedroom.

Slave and master role play simply means that one partner is telling the other partner what to do. This can be a very sexy way for one partner to exert control and the other to give it up completely. While this sort of role play usually incorporates some form of pain, it doesn’t have to. You can use words and commands instead.

Here are some examples of how you can incorporate slave and master sex role play ideas into your bedroom adventures.

  • Cuff or Restrain Your Partner: You can use handcuffs, bed sheets or rope to restrain your partner so you can have your way with them.
  • Orgasm Denial: Bring your partner to the brink but don’t let them cum. This is a great way to exert control. When they finally do cum, their orgasm will be more explosive than ever.
  • Dominate Them: You can dominate your partner by whipping and spanking them or abusing them verbally and making them do things for you.
  • Blindfolding: Blindfolding leaves your partner helpless providing ways for you to exert control. It can also heighten senses to intensify the sexual experience.

Sex and master role play is a great way to bring your experience in the bedroom to the next level. It could even open up doors for a whole new lifestyle. How will you be incorporating it into your sexual escapades?

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